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Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom takes your adventurer on an exploration of the world, visiting many different countries and experiencing many cultures. On each adventure, he encounters new friends to teach him about their home, culture, history, foods, sites and sounds. Come meet them and celebrate the magic and diversity of our world! 

frederick von wigglebottom, adventure, spin the globe

Hello everyone, my name is Frederick von Wigglebottom.

I am a young adventurer and explorer who travels the globe meeting new friends who teach me some cool facts.


Frederick von Wigglebottom is the avatar and nickname for my son that was used in all of my bedtime stories!

george, aborigine, uluru, dreamtime, alice springs, australia

G'Day, Mate!  My name is George and I am from Alice Springs, Australia. I am an Aborigine and member of the Arrente people. My family name is Ganan, meaning "from the west".  I love taking walkabouts, practicing tossing my boomerang and teaching Freddie about the animals of the Outback.

madeline, royal flying doctors service, RFDS, dreamtime, alice springs, australia

Cheers! My name is Madeline and I live in Alice Springs, too.  I am studying Aboriginal line art with one of George's aunts. My father is a doctor/pilot with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I help teach Frederick about the magic of Uluru during a trip in my father's airplane.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Hallo! My name is Nikolina but my friends call me Nikki.  I live in Trondheim and my ancestors were Vikings. I am studying classical piano and enjoy nature by hiking and biking with my family. Frederick and I tour my home city and learn about Norwegian traditions and customs.

erik, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Hei! My name is Erik and I am a Sámi. My family comes from Hammerfest in the northern Norwegian province of Finnmark. I enjoy singing the yoik and helping tend our reindeer herd. I tell Frederick all about my people, the Northern Lights and even perform the yoik for him!

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? My name is Ernesto and I was born in Lima, Peru but now live in Cusco.  My parents are conservation scientists that study the endangered Andean mountain cat.  I help Frederick learn about the time of the conquistadors and the many unique animals of the Andes.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Napaykullayki! That means hello in Quechua, the language of the Inca. My name is Umiña, which means emerald in Quechua. My family comes from Cusco, high in the Andes Mountains. My nickname is Chasqui, the name given to the fast Incan runners who carried messages long ago... I am a fast runner, too!

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Buiti binafi! That means ‘good morning’ in the Garifuna language. My name is Hayá and my name means 'she smiles'.  I am Garinagu and my father operates a dive boat here on St George's Caye.  I love to smile, laugh, learn about and help preserve my Garinagu culture and especially dancing the punta.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Gud Mawnin! My name is K'ayab which means turtle in Mayan.  I was born in Belmopan, the capital city of Belize.  My parents are ecologists that study endangered sea turtles.  I teach Frederick about the animals of the coral reef and jungle and Mayan history.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Namaste! That is a greeting here in Nepal. My name is Dil Bahadur but everyone calls me Maila because I am the second born child in my family. I am Gurung and my father and grandfather both served as Gurkhas in the British military. I hope to continue my family tradition. I teach Frederick about the Gurkhas, Himalayan animals, and Buddhism.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Tashi Deleg, that means hello in my native Sherpa language.  My nickname is Ang (or 'beloved') but my formal name is Pasang Lhamu, named after the first Sherpa woman to climb to the top of Mount Everest. My father is a Sherpa sardar (leader) who assists travelers on their expeditions. I help Frederick learn about the Sherpas and our wonderful festivals.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

“La bes, al salam alikum sahibi! That means ‘Hello, peace be upon you, friend’ in Arabic.  My name is Yasmine and I am from Marrakech in Morocco. I am an Arab girl and my father is a potter who makes wonderful tajines that we sell in the souk. I teach Frederick about the Moroccan history, the souk or marketplace and the Islamic faith.

Nikolina, sami, norway, trondheim, fjords, vikings, reindeer

Hello, my name is Azerwal which means 'the man with blue eyes'.  I am Amazigh, or Berber people, who have lived in this area of Northern Africa for over five thousand years. My mother is the master weaver in our village, known as a maâlem.  We sell our intricate carpets and kilims in the souk, too!  I explain all about Morroco's interesting architecture and animals.